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Glasses from adventure to everyday living

Denim has many faces, but there‘s one thing it never is, and that‘s boring. This material is associated with many exciting stories. Initially, and for a very long time, it was a fabric for workers, and later became a symbol of protest against tradition and authority. Through idols such as James Dean and Marlon Brando, denim achieved cult status. It was not least used by cowboys as a symbol of their masculinity, its figure-hugging fit showing off their muscular legs in order to impress women. The Stones made use of its erotic character on the cover of their 1971 LP Sticky Fingers.

Jeans started life as cotton trousers which reached the USA by way of the Italian city of Genoa. The French name for this city, „Gênes“, became „jeans“ in American slang. Levi Strauss, who was born in Franconia and emigrated to San Francisco in 1847, manufactured robust work clothes for gold prospectors – these clothes were „Gênes“ made of the material „serge de Nîmes“ (a fabric from the city Nîmes): in short, denim jeans…


Jeans - a type of clothing which outlasts all trends

A type of clothing which outlasts all trends, conquers catwalks and has secured itself a permanent place in the wardrobes of this world: JEANS. Jeans are a way of life! Jeans are rock´n roll. Jeans are hip. Anytime, anywhere. Everyone loves them. Everyone wears them. From denim to rugged, jeans in all their variety cover all social strata and styles..

The limited X-KROSS Jeans Denim Edition reflects all the attributes which this material combines. From adventure to everyday living, there‘s something here for everyone.


Inspiration für die neue X-Kross in Jeans-Optik

3 July 2015 was a truly special day for Beate Gabelt, the owner and designer of SZIOLS sportsglasses. It was the day on which she climbed her first 3,000-metre mountain, Cima Grande in the Sexten Dolomites. Erwin, her mountain guide, was wearing climbing trousers made from an unusual material – DENIM. Beate was immediately fascinated by the design and use of the material, and she spontaneously decided to design a special edition devoted to this specific look. 12 months later, the X-Kross Jeans Denim Edition is finally ready to be purchased by sports fans. With the new Sun Style lens, it rounds off the X-Kross portfolio with this cool look..


One of the world‘s most beautiful mountain massifs

For 25 years now, Erwin Steiner and the Globoalpin agency have been guiding nature-lovers to the top of one the world‘s most beautiful mountain massifs in both summer and winter: the Dolomites in South Tyrol.


Create a casual, stylish look

The Sun Style lens was specially developed for the Denim Edition. With its distinctive and fashionable shape, the Jeans X-Kross creates a casual, stylish look. It perfectly rounds off the X-Kross portfolio and a denim outfit. As with all SZIOLS lenses, the Denim Edition features all-round anti-glare protection, 100% UVA/B protection and perfect image quality. Combined with the mirror lenses, the glasses are hugely versatile and adaptable in the same way that jeans are as clothing..

tim“The Denim Sun Style is just the thing for me“
Tim, Sales Manager at Nitro Boards

lorenz“The reflective lens combined with denim looks really sporty.”
Lorenz, Running Coach at Runner´s World and medical student